Welcome to dropin™

Workspace on Demand


Clean, professional, and convenient workspace with secure fast wi-fi. Replete with ergonomically designed workstations, private space for team meets, chat areas, video call booths, collaboration stations, thought spots, and more.  

We call it goworking™



secure fast wifi

dropin™ offers secure fast Wi-Fi that exceeds the speed of any comparable coworking space in the area.


Work where when and how

dropin™ is a quiet, convenient, and comfortable space that will allow you to be highly productive.



Full Hosted goworking

dropin™ has excellent hospitality and guest service.  Our spaces are staffed by friendly, knowledgeable, and caring hosts to ensure that you have the resources and environment to be highly productive and successful.


Flexible, Convienient and App enabled

dropin™ spaces are strategically located near popular coffee shops in highly visible and convenient retail areas with ample parking. The dropin™ app will allow you to locate, check availability, reserve, pay, and connect from any mobile device.    


Please come and join us.

dropin™ is open to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis and for anyone in any industry regardless of when, where, or how they typically work.   dropin™ does not have exclusive memberships like many other traditional coworking spaces, but it's still a place where community is encouraged and fostered among its users.  Having no restrictions means anyone in any industry can simply just dropin™ and work.




Our monthly membership is our most popular plan. Simply open the dropin™ app, locate the nearest space, check availability, and get to work. If you need extra privacy for a team meet just book it on the fly through the app. Yep...it's that simple...no contracts...no fuss!



Many of our guests only need the space for a week at a time. Some are on business, on vacation, or need concentrated time to complete a project. You may also visit any dropin™ space you choose with this weekly membership plan.




Daily | Hourly

Still others like the freedom to pay as they go and choose either our daily or hourly plans. These too allow you to freely choose from our network of dropin™ spaces as you see fit. So, what are you waiting for? 

Coming soon to a coffee shop near you.