Work-Life Integration

Today more than any time in recent history we now have the tools, technology, and willingness, to work where, when, and how we choose. This has shifted us from the concept of 'work-life balance' to a phenomena coined 'work-life integration'. Traditionally, work-life balance was a clear separation between one's professional life at work and their personal life outside of work. But due to the afore mentioned advances, the line between the two has increasingly become blurred.

Welcome to the work-life integration model, where work and life are happening in tandem. This is the future of the new mobile workforce. Making the shift to this new norm is a shared effort. Both employee and employer need to work together to integrate 'best practices' to navigate this sometimes challenging opportunity. Flexible work schedules and allowing employees to work remote is a large piece to the puzzle. We also have to change our paradigm about work performance, outcomes, and deliverables. No longer should we base our performance on the hours spent at the office, but rather it's time to base productivity on the outcome of getting the work done. In fact, studies have shown that employees are happier and more productive when given the freedom to work when, where, and how they choose. Although, we must also be careful not to overwork as another study suggests. This new norm still relies on a typical 40 hour work week, but it's just broken up over the week according to what fits best for your happier and healthier lifestyle. Now with employers willingness to offer and allow this flexibility in the work week, there is no better time to begin working remote and start enjoying this work-life integration.,