Flexible Work On The Rise

Today more than ever people are busy and with this comes the need for more flexibility. Whether it’s raising a family, going to school, learning a new skill, or working on a side-hustle, we all need to be more flexible to accomplish these tasks with excellence.

As with most things, the demand for more flexible solutions has given rise to many on-demand services and workspace is no exception. This is why the coworking phenomonom has steadily increased and grown over the past decade with no signs of slowing down. According to research by JLL, flexible workspace takes up 5% of the national office market, and JLL projects it to increase to a 30% share by 2030. 

That said, isn’t it time for you to take advantage of the many flexible workspace options in your neighborhood? Just google ‘shared workspace’ and locate a space near you to get started. Many offer a free trial hour and most will rent you space by the hour, day, week, and month.