The Drones Have Landed

"I need to get some work done and it says walk-ins are welcome," she said as she walked in the door one evening.  I replied "yes" as I proceeded to explain to her the services we offer.  Little did I know what this visit would lead to over the next couple of weeks.  After getting her and her boyfriend on-boarded I began to learn more about what brought them here to dropin that evening.  They were commercial drone pilots from another state contracted by PG&E to do aerial inspections of the power poles in our area.  They had been traveling across California for the past couple of months doing similar inspections in other counties.  They were part of a larger group of over 100 commercial drone pilots from all over the country contracted to do the work.  dropin was the perfect space in Redding for them to sit down and do some work and to upload the hundreds of photos that were taken by their drones.  Our secure, lightning fast fiber internet and Wi-Fi allowed them to upload their data very fast, something that would take several hours or even days with the other available internet connections they could find in the area.

The next evening, they were back again, this time with a couple more of their drone pilot friends.  Then the following week, their supervisor and team leader came in and met with over a dozen other drone pilots to work in our conference room and upload their data files.  This supervisor has traveled and worked all across the country, many times relying on other coworking spaces when available to get his work done.  He loved dropin and said he wished there were many more of these located in the areas they had already worked in.

Their pilot group eventually moved on to another county but a week later, a logistics team tied to yet another group of drone pilots came in to work on organizing and uploading their data files.  They spent almost 4 days at dropin, which allowed them to get caught up and complete all their work.  It was exiting for us and a real pleasure for dropin to be able to provide an excellent solution to a group of people we never even knew were around.  It just proves to us that you never know who will walk in the door next and what kind of story they may have.