Our Amenities:

Our goal is to provide you with the amenities necessary to be both productive and successful. Please ask the host for access and more information on any of the following items:

  • Printer/Scanner - Ricoh Prin/Scan/Copy, 8.5”x11” and 11”x 17” Capabilities

  • Whiteboard - 48”x36” Double Sided Rolling Whiteboard with Dry Erase Markers

  • Monitor - 21.5” HP LCD Display Full Color Monitor, Portable for various workstations.

  • Patch Cords - HDMI, CAT6, Apple: Thunderbolt to HDMI, VGA to HDMI, and Charging Cables

  • Bottled Water - Complimentary bottled water located in back hallway near bin for recycles.

  • Restrooms - 2 very clean restrooms located in the back hallway for our guest use only.

Our House Rules:

Generally speaking, we really don't have many rules.  The space is shared and open to anyone on a first-come, first-serve basis, except for the conference/meeting rooms, which require a reservation.  So please be considerate of your fellow goworkers and keep in mind that this is a professional work space.  Here are a few "house rules" that may help guide us all:

Children:  We love children and we have big families to prove it!  But our goal is to create a professional work space that will enable you to be able to focus on getting things done, leaving us more time to spend with family.  So dropin is not a good place for your kids to accompany you.  Sure...we know life happens, but please, for the sake of our other members and guests, make other arrangements to go and work when your kids absolutely need to be with you.

Food:  You are welcome to bring food and drinks (no alcohol though) into the space and enjoy while you work.  Starbucks and Subway are right next door, so you are well covered.  But please just always be mindful and considerate of other guests that share the space with you.  

Pets:  Pets are great, but the dropin professional work environment is not an appropriate place to bring your pets. Of course, service animals are always welcome.

Phones Calls:  You may take calls anywhere in the space except for in the Quiet Zone. Please be courteous of others and remember to talk softly. We also have two phone/call booths located to the right as you enter the space.  These are a great place to go if you need to make a more private call while you are working.  Also, these booths are meant for 30-60 minute increments, so please no camping :) If these are not available and/or weather permitting, you can also step outside to take your call and get some fresh air.  As with anything, please be considerate of other guests as they work in the space.

Thank you for understanding….now let’s get some work done!

Team dropin®